Umrah Tips


Alhamdulillah, all praise be to Allah that made us finally able to perform Umrah for free last April (later about the story iA). We were completely clueless about the preparation, what we’re going to face, or what we’re going to do there in the House of Allah, because not so many people around us that time, who went there ever mentioned about it. So, here I’m going to share some of my tips during Umrah for you who will be performing Umrah or Hajj (Aamiin yra.) with my deepest intention only to make you all of my sisters and brothers be fully prepared inshaAllah.

  1. Document Preparation
    • Passport
    • Umrah Schedule
    • Name Tag from your Umra/Hajj Group
  2. Drugs and Medicine
    • Primolut N, can be used for postponing the period. This contains a medication called as norethisterone. You need 5 mg (one tablet) three times per day starting about 7 days before your period. People commonly use this medicine during the Hajj or Umrah because the want to be pure and actively engaged in religious duties especially the main rite, tawaaf. Plus the fact that many women save for going to Makka to perform Hajj/Umra, so they don’t want their rites tobe ruined because of the period. But the arguments about the usage of this medicine in Islam is still a contradictary among the Scholars.

      primolut N

      primolut N

    • Special Medicine, the meds for your chronic disease, such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.
    • Common medicine, the meds you use to cure your common everyday symptoms.

      obat umum indonesia

      Band-aids, gastric meds, light painkiller, flu & cough meds, ginger candy, etc

  3. Clothes (Shields) and Shoes
    • Mask and Sunglasses


      Hey, I’m smiling inside! 😉

  4. Face and Skin care9 Energy water 30020111216145731I bought a bottle of this energy water for IDR 125K. And then buy 2 smaller refillable spray-bottles like this one below, then split the water with my sister. You can use this method to save more money and use it for other to-buy-list 😀
    Plus, you won’t need this water as much as you are in UEA once you’re back to your Country.

    vaseline petroleum jelly, a bottle of face energy water, leave in hair conditioner, lip balm

  5. Salah and Supplication book
    Tafseer, Du'a and Salah Books

    Tafseer, Du’a and Salah Books

    • Shalat, Shalawat, and Du’a Book
    • Qur’an
    • Tafseer
  6. Tools
    • camera
    • camera adaptor
    • your phone
    • charger
    • flash light
    • sewing kit