Ramadan Preparation Webminar – Day 1

Speaker: Imam Omar Suleiman

Topic: Let The Hearts Submit!

Imam Omar Suleiman

(the first 6 minutes)

When Allah SWT says “The Day when there will not benefit [anyone] wealth or children, But only one who comes to Allah with a sound heart.” (Qur’an, 26:88-89). Now defining the “sound heart” is where we have the problems, because a lot of people will try to claim that they have a good heart. Usually when a person makes a point to say that he has a good heart & pure heart, that’s a pretty good indication that the person doesn’t have a pure heart because that means that that person have the feeling of insecurity. Usually when a person says that “I have a sound heart” that means that involved them some sort of public stand-up and doing things that is obviously un-islamic.

The very first thing to understand, imam Hasan al-Basyri R.A. said: “Nothing will benefit the heart if it doesn’t branch out of the heart”. So, the first and foremost if that type of person that alwas saying that “I have a good heart” that probably means that you need to worry more. Because if your heart was truly clean you wouldn’t feel the need to constantly make that statement or declaration and to free yourself from any from insecurity that you may have. So it’s the first thing that we need to keep in mind.

But, particularly when Allah call this “a sound heart”, the mufasirin define this: “A pure/sound heart, is a heart that has found itself free of all form of insecurity”. And many different al-hadits would define different types of heart. So we have one for example, The Prophet SAW gives us 4 types of heart, the prophet tell us about “A heart that is full of the love of Allah SWT.
Wherever you put this heart, it’s going to be thinking of Allah SWT. The circumstances aroud although they might affect the heart somewhat, the heart is constantly full of iman, the love of Allah SWT, looking for things to remind it of Allah SWT.

Any opportunity that heart has to remember Allah SWT it takes full advantadges. So the prophet SAW says that there’s also a heart that becomes rough, literally means “A heart that it wrapped some sort of cloth”, and the Prophet SAW said that is the heart of the disbeliever. He conceals what he knows to be the truth meaning. He recognises that this deen, he recognises that remembrance of Allah requires a form of commitment from them, so he turns it away and he barely fulfilling those natural inclinations that he have througout deep inside of his heart, that he can feel comfortable living the life that he’s living.

And when the Prophet SAW also there is also “A heart that is turned upside down”. That is the heart of the hypocryte. Wherever those, if a reminder comes to him, knowledge comes to him, things that he knows are true comes to him, he turns his heart upside down, he bounce everything out of his heart. And the Prophet saw finally said, that there is a heart, and most of it is falling to this category that the heart is adapted to it’s environment, it has 2 sources, iman and itaq, faith and hypocricy. One source is a pure water, one source is impure fluids.

And what that means that this heart adapt to whatever circumstances is. If it in an environment that nurturous, a sound heart. Then that heart is going to be sound. But as soon as that heart is taken into a place or into environment where it’s going to be tought, that heart cannot hold for it’s own.

Allah told us in the quran, this is something that is very dangerous. you don’t wanna living on the edge, and regards to your hereafter, you don’t wanna be gambling with the eternity because we know that the prophet saw told us that “A person will be raised up according to the last of his action, he’ll be raised up in the same situasion that he died.” So if you happens to be in week momment if your qalb a weaker it happens to be in the environment that is not nurturing towards iman, nurturing Hypocracy, then you’re doom, you wasted your life, you lost so much because your heart cannot hold it’s own.
Allah says in the quran, talking about the believer “They are the people whose heart has been tested for taqwa”. For faith, for that consciousness for piety. Taqwa sometimes is called fear of God, piety, consciousness of God. But in reality it’s the combination of all those things. A person with conscious of Allah SWT, because he consistant of Allah SWT, he acts in a certain way. He act in a way that shows that is fearfull of Allah but not fearful in a way he only punishment of Allah. Rather combined with love and all.
He loves Allah and he fears them and . Even there is no such thing as hellfire, punishment, he would still with remembrance.
But this ayat, heart has been tested for faith. Interesting commentary meaning a tested heart meaning.

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